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terrassen-icon-startseite 32 x 32  Terraces

…from timura are stunning for their unique structures and world-class longevity. Alongside terrace decking, we offer substructures, connectors and maintenance products. Installation instructions and packaging for our thermo wood decking can be found in our service area.

fassade-icon-startseite 32 x 32  Facades

…from timura give your exterior a truly classic appeal. Using our patented Vacu³ technology, the cell walls of the wood are altered so that they barely absorb water, which dramatically increases resistance to fungi and pests. timura facades are a chemical-free and eco-friendly.

parkett-icon-startseite 32 x 32  Parquet

…from timura have a reduced (10 mm) thickness without sacrificing the advantages of classic solid wood floors. This makes it easy to replace any flooring! Factsheets for timura solid wood flooring (Maxistab ash / oak) and the installation instructions can be found in the service area.

timura Fassaden
timura Parkett

timura wood manufacturer

At timura, we combine many years of practical experience with the enthusiasm and drive of a young company.

Through our use of a modern machine park and unique technology we are a leader in the production and processing of thermal wood. Our thermal wood is produced chemical-free, using heat, which gives native German wood the appearance and strengths of topical wood.

We bring together the scale of industrial production with the individuality and creativity of artisans. In addition to modern machinery, we have the years of experience and expertise of a well-trained carpenter.

Our specialties are: flooring (hardwood for interior, and terraces for outdoor use), facades and fencing, all custom-made from our heat-treated wood.

No matter the size of the challenge, we bring the ideas of customers, architects and designers to life.

timura Thermo Wood – tropical wood made in Germany!

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!