Private Identity

Timura | Private Identity 
Shaping meaning and identity.

The time to adapt to social norms is long gone. It's time to show personality in all areas of your life.

Right up until the last century, rank and status were reflected in our clothing. Things have changed. The need to show individuality and a certain uniqueness is present in all aspects of society and areas of life. Even more modest people like to see themselves as "a bit crazy" or describe themselves as "different to others". 

Being average is often seen by others as being an identity deficit. International stars from the world of cinema and music are the perfect living examples. Showing personality and living it is all the rage. The pursuit of individuality increasingly eliminates social norms. It is increasingly the consumer who decides what is chic, popular or suitable, and not the designers – even if they do still influence the trends with the creative design of products. Nowadays, for example, it is cool to wear a dress from Zara or H&M with Adidas or Puma trainers, and a Louis Vuitton bag to go with it all. Or to combine expensive antiques with modern design.

We provide you with the space to develop your own identity using individual composition with our products.

The collections for indoor and outdoor, created by designers and implemented technically by wood technicians, provide multiple options for individual composition with our products. But it doesn't end there.

We will be happy to implement your individual wishes. Design your own products. Bring wood to life by opting for structures and combining them with coloured oil treatments or opaque paints. Determine the length and width of the wood for straight, vertical, horizontal or diagonal laying patterns – and when it comes to parquet, for example, choose a special look for the boards or tiles, such as ship's floor or fish bone. Integrated indoor and outdoor appearances are possible thanks to our innovative wood finishing with thermo wood. You will find more information in Interior/Special. 


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