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Timura | Interieur/Specials
Vibrant wooden surfaces convey warmth and a pleasant ambience.

We are also happy to produce sophisticated, customised products for you – in imposing thermo wood.

Timura | Specials
High-quality products made from thermo wood.

The benefits of custom manufacturing products made of innovatively processed thermo wood.

The demand from architects and building planners who want to use the particular benefits of timura thermally treated wood for customised products has prompted us to offer this service to all customers. In addition to our outdoor and indoor collections, we are happy to manufacture individual products for more ambitious projects according to your wishes.

Particular benefits of timura’s thermo wood following the vacu3 process.

  • Resource-saving, environmentally-friendly technology with a very favourable energy balance. 
  • Wood produced through responsible and sustainable forestry. 
  • Gentle and tension-free wood drying operations. 
  • Torsion-free, with only minimal planing losses compared with equalising thermo wood.
  • Odour-neutral and low-emission thermo wood, so particularly suitable for indoor use too (certified by the German Committee for Health-Related Evaluation of Building Products – AgBB).
  • Very uniform and homogeneous thermal treatment of material thicknesses from 0.5 mm (veneer) up to plank thicknesses of 65 mm. 
  • Thermal treatment intensity varies according to different products and wood species, with subtle gradations for ideal material properties.
  • Individual, customer-oriented definition of treatment stages and colour nuances.
  • Attractive and elegant wood colours.
  • Application-oriented factory conditioning – the wood’s moisture content can be individually adjusted to future climatic conditions.
  • Small batches or large order volumes – reproducible results at all times.
  • Comprehensive quality management for a high-quality product standard.

products, applications and areas of use. 
Product range: All wood species native to Central Europe as thermally treated wood. 

  • Planks, boards, unedged timber, sawn timber 
  • Trimmed or untrimmed, up to 65 mm thick 
  • Veneer, thick veneer, decks (slats) from 0.5 mm thick 
  • Rough sawn, planed, sanded, textured or brushed surfaces
  • Planed goods with longitudinal and transverse profiling as required 
  • Surface coating: untreated, or oiled, varnished or painted on one side, several sides or all sides 

Outdoor products:

  • Terrace and balcony surfaces (covered areas and sub-structure) 
  • Handrails, steps 
  • Façade (visible areas and sub-structure) 
  • Screens (posts and fillings) 
  • Pool surrounds, over-water walkways 
  • Boat decks 
  • Garden furniture, plant containers
  • Windows, doors 

Indoor products:

  • Solid wood and multi-layer parquet flooring with tongue and groove connectors for all-over adhesion, particularly in rooms with particular climatic conditions such as kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools and saunas; also suitable for laying on underfloor heating systems.
  • Furniture development and interior design, wall and ceiling panelling 
  • Kitchen worktops 
  • Decorative veneer elements 


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