Timura | parquet
Loved by young and old alike – the ultimate in flooring comfort.

Find out more about timura's innovative genuine wood flooring and the benefits it can offer you

Timura | parquet
Flooring that will animate any space and enhance your quality of life.

Parquet adds value to living spaces in a straightforward visual sense. It represents an expression of aspiration and individuality.

Wood is a natural material that lends a lively warmth to any space; it provides the ideal starting point for a cosy feel and a tasteful, stylish interior.

Parquet from timura offers a wealth of possibilities for creating a floor and, of course, sophisticated, individual interior design starts with the flooring.

timura's Efficient Line and Resistant Line collections enable you to turn your dream of a timelessly elegant home into reality, achieving a modern, designer look.

Timura parquet - the key benefits: genuine wood flooring produced from top-quality solid, durable native timber.

timura's parquet flooring is produced exclusively from oak or ash. The timber is sourced from ecologically managed native forestry. Woods such as spruce, pine or fir are not used due to their soft surface properties.

To protect the environment and preserve tropical rainforests, timura uses no tropical timber on principle.

A thermal treatment process is employed to refine native hardwoods such as ash into so-called thermo.

Wood that is certified to durability class 1. As a result, the wood acquires positive properties that are comparable with naturally grown tropical wood.

In terms of quality, all timura's parquet products – Efficient Line and Resistant Line – are absolutely first-rate genuine wood flooring.

A variety of board formats and surface refinements open up a unique spectrum for creating an individual and exclusive floor in parquet.

Wood is a living material and may change with the passage of time. To allow the wood to breathe, timura parquet flooring can be surface-treated with high-quality oils. The oil penetrates deep into the wood to protect it and maintain its condition. Parquet flooring should be oiled once or twice a year to maintain its attractive appearance.


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