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Thermo wood – the good and environmentally friendly alternative to tropical Wood.

Tropical rainforests are the Earth’s green lungs. Almost one third of the Earth’s surface is covered by forests. More than four million hectares of forested areas provide a home for countless species of plants and animals, regulate the climate and store our fresh water reserves.

Tropical rainforests are absolutely essential for human and animal life on Earth.

Yet around the world, some 13 million hectares of forest are destroyed every year. That’s an area approximately the size of Greece. This amounts to forested areas the size of approximately 35 football fields being lost every minute.

Meanwhile, in vast parts of Latin America, Africa and South-East Asia, the proportion of tropical rainforests has substantially decreased from 20% to just 7% of the world’s land mass.

With its raw materials, our planet’s forests support the livelihoods of around 1.6 billion people, while some 300 million people live in the tropical rainforests alone.

For the sake of the environment, timura uses no tropical wood.

Tropical wood is only of a high quality and resistant if it is naturally grown and not sourced from plantations. The quality of tropical wood can, therefore, vary a great deal.

Native woods are being thermally refined to produce thermo wood.

Due to its thermal refinement, timura thermo wood is of a comparable quality to naturally grown tropical wood:

  • Thermo Ash – durability class 1
  • Thermo Spruce – durability class 1
  • Thermo Poplar – durability class 2
  • Thermo Pine – durability class 2

There is enough wood for this in Germany. Unlike the tropical rainforests, German forests grew by 50,000 hectares between the years 2002 and 2012 (according to the third German National Forest Inventory in 2012). The German forestry industry is a global model for sustainability. 


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