Healthy living

Healthy living

Timura | Healthy living  
Protect your health and live naturally.

The use of natural products for floor and wall design in your residential and professional environment contributes a great deal to healthy living and working.

Over the decades, thanks to technical progress and research, the living conditions of many people have been transformed radically – but not always for the better. Allergies, hay fever, asthma, irritable eyes, headaches, sleep disorders and skin irritation – many people suffer from these kinds of symptoms. 

Natural building materials, such as wood, promote well-being. Thus parquet, for example, has considerable advantages over plastic flooring or carpet: an anti-static effect, the ability to absorb moisture from the air in the room and release it again as necessary (mould prevention!), sound-insulating properties...

timura makes products for people who think ahead.

Protection of health and the responsible use of the earth's natural resources are more and more relevant for us and future generations. Sustainability and beneficial product properties are no longer a contradiction in terms.  

You attitude to life is also expressed in the design of your residential and professional environment. timura products are ecological with regard to material and processing, and throughout their entire life cycle. 

Just like any normal, untreated wood, at the end of its useful life timura's thermo wood can be recycled or used as fuel without hesitation. The process used to make thermo wood (thermal treatment) is carried out without any chemical additives whatsoever and is in no way detrimental to humans or the environment. 

You will find more on the subjects of the timura philosophy, the innovative thermo wood production process, research and certifications in "The Wood Manufacturer". 


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